Transmission 1.51 for AppleTV


If you can afford ~$15 (USD) a month I highly recommend you follow my guide *here and use Usenet instead of BitTorrent. Really, using Usenet is worth it, I promise. *

Regularly scheduled program:

This past week, I started hacking my Apple TV. Really, I wanted to stop giving Comcast $85 a month for cable which I did not really watch all too often. I am going to write a longer post concerning my experiences and such later this week, however, there is one use of the Apple TV which I have found immensely useful – a BitTorrent client. Really, it’s very useful to have my Apple TV downloading torrents, silently, without the need to use one of my other machines.

The problem I ran into, however, was the fact that the last stable compiled version of Transmission for the Apple TV (or that worked on the Apple TV, rather) was v1.06. It worked but, 1.06 is old and I wanted something newer.

Without getting in the details, versions of transmission > 1.06 require the new version of libcurl provided in OS X > 10.4.8 which the Apple TV is using. Therefore, I grabbed the needed items and compiled myself a statically-linked version. I still ran into issues compiling the newest version; I randomly grabbed 1.51 (which is from THIS YEAR, at least) and compiled it on my 10.6 machine. I will work with getting something newer; this is a start.

Everything worked, so here is the download link for anyone who would like it, enjoy!

A few notes:

  • Unlike the older versions, clutch is built-in - You will need to place the ‘web’ folder somewhere, run “chmod 755” on  it
  • Run the command (without quotes)
  • Edit the transmission config file (/Users/frontrow/Library/Application Support/transmission-daemon/settings.json) and change the line with “rpc-whitelist” to
    “rpc-whitelist”: “...
  • The included transmission-remote is a command-line utility to interact with the daemon