My damn volume control!

I live in a big city. I walk, a lot. I also happen to use my iPhone to listen to music whilst I walk. For the most part I have no issues; however, I find it annoying having to change the volume of my headphones all the time. For example, every day at the same time, I walk along a busy street on my way to work. The sound of the cars and (useless) street trolley interfere with my music. I realize I could buy fancier non-stock headphones; however, I don’t really think this is an elegant solution. Instead, I wish my phone did one of two things:

  1. My iPod/iPhone/iHeadphones (whatever) have a mic built-in. I really wish my device would use this microphone to measure the ambient noise around me and then would adjust the volume accordingly.
  2. In combination with the item above (or in place of) I wish my phone would use it’s GPS to “zone” ambient noise (or obey the volume I choose in that zone) to set the playback volume accordingly.

These are two minor gripes and I am not sure they’d always work; however, I’d surely be fidgeting with the stupid volume control a whole lot less.