Location-aware opt-in amazingness

Two ideas, world.

Location-aware interactive maps

Let me put this simply. When I walk into a large shopping center, building complex or somewhere else where a building map would be helpful, my mobile device should either know via a GPS looksie or through a signal sent off inside of the building. When I go into said area, my phone needs a map, searchable, bookmarkable, etc. of the building.

For example, when I go into a mall, my phone (iPhone 3Gs) should offer a searchable mall map through an app. This map, ideally, would allow me to:

  1. Search for a store/place
  2. Allow me to bookmark places
  3. Offer a “location assist” to get me to a store

Ideally the map “format” would be an open standard so one (application) could load any map on the spot.

Location-aware dynamic advertising

Take the first idea above. What if  the application just might, with the right settings and legal language, shoot me advertisements and specials about the stores in the area. Best part, these ads could be dynamic, targeted to me and annoying as hell.

In general, large companies have to drool at the thought of using what a person has browsed and purchased in the past and then offering them, dynamically, ads based on where they were located. Best part, if a customer was a patron of MY business, I’d make sure to shoot them ads when they were in a competitor’s store.