It's over 9000!

I’m James and I have a problem. I like new technology. After resisting the last two rounds of new Apple laptop products, I finally (finally, yeah, all of two years, James) caved in and bought a new MacBook Pro.

While I have mixed feelings about being thrown in with the technology-hipster club, I bought a new Mac because it’s the best mix of functionality, style, reliability and value. My first personal PC was an Apple LC so, really, I’ll just say I have a brand problem.

After such a large purchase, as always, buyers’ remorse kicked in. I started to wonder if whether my new purchase was really worth it. Naturally, there’s only one way to answer such a question – silly and superficial benchmarks!

(edit – after publishing this I realized my CPU’s L3 cache is 4x larger than the amount of RAM in my first computer, wow!)

I have used the Geekbench application in the past and decided to give it a whirl on a few MBP’s I could find quickly. All-in-all, I am actually pretty amazed at the results. Important point to note – I usually opt for the highest-end processor, so I believe these results should show the score for the best available CPU for that MBP model year.

Suffice to say, the latest generation (Intel Core i7 2.3 GHz) puts out an amazing number. I know it doesn’t mean that much but given the fact that Geekbench is hitting the CPU, memory and other core components pretty hard (and consistently) it’s impressive to see how things have changed over the last few years.

Additional random thoughts

Aside from the benchmarks, I have a few other random thoughts I’ll share.

HD (anti-glare) Display
I opted for the HD anti-glare screen. This is my first matte screen in a MBP for several years. I had forgotten how much I appreciate a matte display on a laptop. Moreover, the additional pixels give me all the more room to develop, which I really appreciate. I do a lot of work on planes, in hotels, and drugging up in coffee shops _ I appreciate seeing my work and not the awkward people around me.

For reference, the RubyMine welcome screen is exactly the same size as the 2009 MBP 13″ screen. Holy pixels, Batman!

If you have the money, buy one. Seriously, just do it. I promise you that you’ll poop your pants, skirt, whatever you are wearing on your bum in joy.