GlowColors lib

*Everything in this post is my own work, provided for educational purposes only, and anything in this post is my own viewpoint and does not reflect any viewpoint (or otherwise) of my employer.

Whew, I always love when I start posts with disclaimers!

I am a big fan of colors. Awhile back, an unnamed company released a headwear which has LEDs embedded in it. This is a pretty cool piece of tech because the LEDs are paired with an IR send and receive capability so the headwear can both change color in response to messages it receives and also influence the color of surrounding headwear. Needless to say, I was curious.

After a few pairs of the headwear (RIP, pieces of hat) and some late nights, I discovered the protocol and message construction for this particular pair of headwear. Using an Arduino with an IR LED, I was able to manipulate this headwear to change colors based on my whim. To make things easy, I decided to write a Python library to generate the messages which I could feed, in turn, to an Arduino project.

Oh yeah, this was about two years ago.

Since a lot of time has passed and it’s still pretty interesting, I have decided to release the library, known as the GlowColors lib, publicly. You can find the latest release in this GitHub repository.

A few notes on this library.

  • You can change one or both ears. Changing just one, however, can be tricky because you have to set both and then unset one.
  • It is possible to create a “show” with the headwear but that functionality is in a yet unreleased version of the library, sorry.
  • This library is a lot of fun; please use it responsibly and do not cause trouble with it. I am also not responsible for what you do with it.