Franco.Kernel Performance


I recently switched from an iPhone to a GSM Galaxy Nexus (for a host of reasons – another post entirely) and I’ve been interested in getting the most from my phone. Of course, the most is dependent on my needs. Sometimes I want my phone to scream while in other cases I need to maximize my battery life.

To that end, I decided to try a custom kernel on my phone. I read around and the Franco.Kernel seems to be popular so I decided to give it a try. I used Quadrant Standard to benchmark my device with the stock kernel and then the Franco.Kernel in various performance settings.


These results, of course, only show the performance of my device. In time, I hope to compare the battery used/time with various configurations.

Stock kernel

Stock – 2120

Interestingly, my stock performance seems to lag the benchmark Quadrant has stored for my device. I suspect it may be a 4.1.1. issue; I am not sure.


The Franco kernel comes with various power setting options. I switched my device across the various options to gauge the performance of my device. In short, the settings make a huge difference. I used the nightly build as of 7/30 with the lower-clock (3xx something MhZ) GPU. The power settings below, I believe, just touch cpufreq and, likely, a few other settings.

Power Saving – 1893

Balanced – 2395

Performance – 2990


Based on the performance differences of the CPU/GPU settings, it looks like the phone reacts very differently with the various Franco settings. All of this means I am likely to see noticeable differences in my battery and computing power over time.

Just one of many reasons I switched. :)