AWS vs. Slicehost

Now that I have had my blog on AWS for about a month I can finally compare the cost between the two services. All-in-all, while I was highly skeptical of AWS’ more complex pricing scheme, it has turned out to be cheaper than the flat-rate offered by Slicehost. Moreover, I feel like I get more with AWS than Slicehost.

This blog was running on a 256MB slice with Slicehost with a monthly cost of $20. One month of AWS with a 613MB EC2 instance cost $16.72. Interestingly, I could have used just as much bandwidth as I had with my Slicehost plan and still come in at under $20.

Compared to AWS, Slicehost has the following benefits:

  • Pricing plan is easy to figure out
  • Slices are easy to set up and take little know-how
  • Slices are faster (based on my benchmarking)
  • Easier to navigate management UI
  • Very easy DNS support

Compared to Slicehost, AWS has the following benefits:

  • A lot more flexibility in services and how I use them
  • Management console is pretty powerful
  • A ton of instance image (AMI) choices
  • Free monitoring
  • Beter support (free and paid)

Overall, I am really happy with my switch to AWS notwithstanding the fact that, you know, I work for Amazon. I also want to call out the fact that I was really unhappy with the fact that my Slicehost slices were immediately removed when I canceled my service. I expected them to last through the end of the billing period.