A quick thought on Chrome OS

A few days ago I decided to buy a Chromebook. I will go into the reasons and my thoughts about the hardware and software separately; I wanted to take a moment today and answer a quick question about Chrome OS. I want to quickly this because I think it’s on the mind of anyone who uses a computer frequently and might be interested in a Chromebook.

Is it strange to use?


Using a Chromebook is like driving a car where the steering wheel is on the opposite side of where you’d expect. Everything works but it just feels … different. Not that it’s bad, just different.

At first, I really thought the lack of a clear window manager, filesystem, etc. would really annoy me. After using this Chromebook for a few hours, I sometimes find myself trying to open a Finder or Explorer window. Then I ask – why was I trying to do that?

I think the strangest thing about using a Chromebook is the fact that my brain thinks it’s different, less useful, etc. but somehow it manages to do exactly what I need. Using a Chromebook is very strange because it forces me to forget or overlook how I have interacted with an operating system for a long time. Once I stop thinking, though, it’s a pretty pleasant experience.